About this Pledge Initiative

The District 297 pledge is a commitment to help Aruba diversify its economy in the wake of this current COVID-19 crisis. Help can be in the form of knowledge, ideas, mentorship or any other way that is useful. This pledge aims to connect the Aruban Diaspora directly with local Arubans who need your help in activating their innovative ideas. It is then entirely up to you to define the way you want to be involved.

The local Arubans we will connect you with are applicants who pass an independent judging process from the 100Innovations project by Aruba Futura Foundation. For more information on how we plan to find these amazing local Aruban innovators.

How can you help?

Now more than ever your knowledge, expertise, spirit and time are extremely valuable for our ‘dushi isla’, one happy island of Aruba. By pledging you can have a direct impact for at least one local Aruban and potentially the Aruban economy as well.  We invite you to put our heads together, have all hands on deck and help Aruba come out stronger than ever at the other side of this crisis.

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    District 297

    District 297 is a project led by Aruba Futura Foundation. The purpose of District 297 is to build a resilient & future proof economy for Aruba with the help of talented and knowledgeable people who have Aruba’s best interest at heart. Our mission is to create value-driven platforms for Arubans abroad and Aruban businesses & institutions to engage, connect, and collaborate towards the socio-economic development of Aruba. The District 297 Pledge is one of these platforms as well as engagements events organized all year round. In the near future you can expect a web platform which will aim to directly connect Aruba’s diaspora to local Arubans.

    Aruba Futura Foundation

    Aruba Futura Foundation (hereinafter: Futura) was established in 2018 with the purpose to aid in the design, development and implementation of a national innovation strategy for Aruba. Futura has received the mandate to implement the Government of Aruba’s human-centered national innovation plan.

    Futura serves as the Aruba’s innovation lab and national think-tank. Futura is supported by the innovation team of the Ministry of Innovation, which resorts under the Prime Minister of Aruba, Evelyn-Wever Croes. The team is led by the Aruba Government’s Chief Innovation Officer, Varelie Croes.

    Futura, a first of its kind innovation lab in the Caribbean, collaborates with local and international innovators on pioneering innovation initiatives to stimulate the knowledge and innovation capacity of the Aruban community.

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    100 Innovations

    The 100 Innovations program is an open innovation program which encourages academia, NGO, public, private, and civic society to participate in the movement. The goal is to build an innovation ecosystem in which every citizen on Aruba can actively be a part of. Considering the developments of COVID-19, this will be a digital ecosystem first. In line with building the innovation ecosystem, the challenges our community is facing will be taken into consideration and the entire Aruban community will be invited to collaborate and create solutions that deal directly with these challenges.

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      Get in Touch

      We would love to here from you! Would you like to know more us and the District 297 project?
      Do you have other ways or ideas in which you can help Aruba? Or perhaps we can be of service
       to you? Feel free to contact us. 

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